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Rabu, 20 April 2011

Balinese Traditional Foods....yummy

There are many things famous from Bali, the beaches, the temples and also the Balinese people. But one thing you will not forget is the traditional Balinese. Like many other places in Indonesia, Bali has wide range of traditional foods, made from traditional ingredients, bringing you a delight taste as one of culture of Indonesia.

The famous traditional Balinese foods are made from pork, duck and chicken. It is hard to find beef menu here since cow is a symbol of holiest animal in Bali. The traditional foods are all served with steam rice and some with vegetables. Most of Balinese food  are made for ceremonies, but since everyone wants to taste, the foods are easily to found either in small Warungs or restaurants.

  • ·   Nasi Campur
It means Mix Rice in English. Nasi Campur is one of Balinese famous food and it is easy to find everywhere. It contains a bowl of steamed rice, mix with steamed vegetables with shredded spicy coconut, fried nuts, coconut milk, few shreds of fried/dry curry chicken, chopped seasoning,  meat or fish, a crispy and sambal (hot traditional chili sauce). Try Nasi Ayam Kedewatan at Ubud, Seminyak or Renon for original taste of Balinese Nasi Campur.
Nasi Campur ayam kedewatan

  • ·  Babi Guling or Suckling Pig
It is made from a whole pig, suckled with spice paste and vegetables inside, and then grilled and rolled up over with dried coconut shells until it is well done.
Babi Guling with Balinese Complete Seasoning

  • ·  Lawar
Lawar is very famous at Bali, with chopped of meat, vegetable, spices and coconut mixed together. There also many kinds of Lawar in Bali, every area have it own characteristic of lawar. In Jembrana are we may found the Lawar Klungah /Bungkak; it is made from a very young coconut (Klungah) combine with chicken or pork and a Balinese traditional seasoning called Base Genep.
Lawar made from mix vegetables (young jack fruit, long bean)

  • ·   Ayam or Bebek Betutu
This food can be made from chicken or duck, chopped or not, and filled up with spices such as turmeric, ginger, kencur, galangal, onion, garlic, salam leaf, and chilies inside.
Ayam Betutu

  • ·   Sate Lilit
Sate lilit is a typical meal Karangasem regency, Bali. Satay the basic material is a large sea fish such as tuna, mackerel, etc.. Could also be replaced with chicken or shrimp, to taste. This fish flesh softened and seasoned with coconut milk and grated coconut.
Sate Lilit

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